Employer Services

'Your complete employment solution'


We tailor our recruitment campaigns on a modular, retained or contingent basis to meet the needs of individual businesses. By working closely with our clients, we gain a more in-depth understanding of their specific recruitment challenges and goals to deliver the best possible solutions and ensure we find the most suitable candidates for their job roles, expertly matching skill-sets, experience and fit.

Whether you are looking to fill a highly specialised role, hire casual staff on a day to day basis or recruit a large volume of staff, we have the solutions to help.

Temporary Staff

  • Cover Seasonal Demands
  • Trial New Employees before committing to a full time hire
  • Cover Staff Shortages due to illness, injury and leave
  • Save time and money with one simple invoice for wages

Permanent Staff

  • Our Guarantee, No Placement Fee if the candidate is found to be not suitable during the 90 day trial period

Why Work With Us?

5 great reasons to work with Staff Services.

Save time and money

Short term and long term cost savings + many more time savers.

Trial New Employees

We can help avoid getting ‘stuck’ with a bad employee.

Sector Expertise

Our consultants specialise in the screening of potential candidates and will ensure all relevant checks are preformed.

Seasonal Demands

Gain flexibility in your recruitment planning to meet cyclical/market demand e.g. seasonal work.

Our Personal Touch

Our team at StaffServices is committed to getting to know you and your business.

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