Why Work With Us?

We are focused on getting the RIGHT people for the RIGHT job.


5 Great Reasons To Work With StaffServices

Cover Seasonal demands
Trial New Employees before committing to a full time hire
Cover Staff shortages due to illness, injury and leave
Save Time and money with one simple invoice for wages


Save time and money

Time Savers

  • We will save you time sifting through applications, so that you only have to make time to view those worth considering.
  • Have us deal with all administrative issues such as: scheduling interviews, all communications with applicants, including notifying unsuccessful ones and providing feedback; and verifying candidate information e.g. qualifications and references, criminal history reports, Acc history checks.
  • Our specialist market insight allows us to advise you on and negotiate job offers on your behalf if requested.

Short term cost savings

  • Removes cost of posting most job adverts.
  • Removes impact on in-house staff who can continue to perform their other duties to their usual standard.
  • Reduces overtime costs: temp hire through a recruitment agency is often cheaper than requiring regular staff to work overtime during busy periods.
  • Reduces the likelihood and cost of a ‘bad hire’ (e.g. poor performance, training, re-hire).

Long term cost savings

  • Reduces future hiring costs if you use the same recruitment agent again as the agent will already have knowledge of your organisation so the process will be quicker.
  • Reduces training costs: we offer candidates the chance to hone their talents or learn field-specific regulations whilst on the hunt for a new job, thereby eliminating your organisation’s need to do the same once they arrive.

Trial New Employees

With changes to the 90 day trial legislation, we can help avoid getting ‘stuck’ with a bad employee. Bring potential hires in on a temporary basis for what becomes, in essence, a trial period. If the person is a good fit for the job and the organization, a full-time offer at the end of the contract. These types of arrangements will help companies avoid a bad hire.


Sector Expertise

If you use a recruitment agency you’re statistically more likely to access the best job-seekers on the market (both active and passive). People who are actively looking for new positions are more likely to register with agencies. In addition, we will position our vacancy adverts on a range of job boards, and we understand what it takes for that advert to rank highly in job searches. All of this is knowledge that you only get from working in the sector.

Our consultants specialise in the screening of potential candidates and will ensure all relevant checks are preformed.


Seasonal Demand

Another great reason to work with us is to give you flexibility in your recruitment planning to meet cyclical/market demand e.g. seasonal work. Temporary recruitment agencies will take a huge amount of the pain and stress away from companies who need quick access to temporary candidates.


Our Personal Touch

Our team at StaffServices is committed to getting to know you and your business. We are focused on building relationships with our clients, understanding their specific requirements and providing long-term solutions too.

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